SML Mario
Mario is the main character in mario & luigi's stupid and dumb adventures. He is the brother of Luigi and friend of his clone Mama Luigi who died in Season 2 by Bowser and his gun.

In season 1 Mario finds out that Mama Luigi is not his actual brother and Mama Luigi shows Mario & Peach that he is the clone of Luigi and he captured and kept Luigi wrapped in a cocoon tied to the cieling. Mario jumped and freed Luigi by untie the black rope from his head. He got K.O when the mad monkey punched him to the other side of Seaside Valley where Bowser's minion: Toad sent them to, however Bowser through Toad on the floor beacause of his stupidness.

In Season 2 Mario gets told that if he dosen't find a ghost in the next 24 hours he will be sent to justice which means he will be sent to prison for a long time. So he goes to the cemetery with Toad, he manages to take a picture.

Also in Season 2 he finally gets released from court not guilty after Hours trying to get Toad to get him the valuable picture and that was the final episode of the second season...
SML Movie Mario's Hair

SML Movie Mario's Hair