SML Short Toad's New Ball

SML Short Toad's New Ball

SML Toad Plush

Toad is a good and villainous character in the series.

In Season 1 he is a hired secret agent of the Evil Koopa King; Bowser and tells the heroes (Mario and Mama Luigi) to head over to the Grand Canyon if they want to get a clue to save the Princess for the 100,000th time. However they run into a dinosaur demon named Yoshi who seemed to take a liking to Mama Luigi. After they come back to the house they are mad at Toad because they almost got killed by a monstrous demon called a Yoshi.

Next Toad tells them to go to Seaside Valley right next to the house conservatory where Mama Luigi first took his girlfriend Daisy out on their first date. They find a Mini Wii Remote mini-game with a Donkey Kong face on the front. After beating the game (with a few failed attempts) suddenly a Monkey Man lunged out of the table and attacked them they managed to defeat it and celebrated in their victory.

Bowser (who was angry at Toad for his continuous defeats) beats everything out of Toad and throws him out of the window.